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Quality & Hygiene

Where drinking water is concerned, there can be no compromises, and hence Quality and Hygiene has always been our top priority. We assure you the highest quality of water available in the region. We boast of a fully automated cleaning and bottling facility, completely untouched by human hands. Once the bottles are filled, they are automatically capped and sealed. A tamper- evident sticker is further added to protect you and your family. The bottle handling, the trucks and our delivery boys are always under supervision to ensure you get the best quality drinking water.

Quality and promptness in service is our promise

Our extensive fleet of trucks & other vehicles together with well-trained delivery specialists providing timely service is an assurance and guarantee that we have taken all possible steps to deliver the highest quality drinking water at your door steps. Each & every stage of bottle handling, all our distribution vehicles & staffs are under constant surveillance to ensure that our customers are always benefitted with timely & quality oriented service.